Drastic Steps for Making Ends Meet During a Pandemic

If work, health or family disruptions due to the coronavirus pandemic have you struggling to make ends meet, you may need to make some major changes to your finances. Consider the strategies in this AARP article, which have worked for others and can save you large amounts of money.

Health Insurance Options After You Lose Your Job

If you get laid off and lose your health insurance, you may have several options. The best choice depends on the premiums, how much of the deductible you’ve paid, the coverage details and provider networks. This AARP article explains what you need to consider when assessing your options.

Why You Should Have a Roth IRA During Turbulent Times

A Roth IRA can be particularly valuable during volatile times — your earnings grow tax-free for retirement, but you can withdraw your contributions without penalties or taxes anytime, doubling as a back-up emergency fund. Learn about the special Roth benefits in this AARP article.

Don’t Make These Medicare Mistakes if You Lose Your Job After 65

You can delay signing up for Medicare past age 65 if you’re still working and have health insurance from a large employer. But you need to enroll quickly after you lose your job or retire or else you could face lifetime penalties and expensive coverage gaps. Find out how to avoid these problems in this AARP article.